New Album "DUETS" out on April 21st featuring Omar Sosa, Hamilton de Holanda, Joo Kraus, Max Mutzke, Rhani Krija & Miguel Zenon

“For me, a Piano is like 88 drums. Whenever you play with Marialy, the energy of those 88 drums evolves into 88 smiles …or 88 flowers.”    

Marialy Pacheco Duets Album CoverI would like to explain the general concept of this album and my personal approach in the process of choosing the songs: The artists on this album, are not only artists that I have always admired, but also artists with a very strong and defined musical identity. I stepped into their musical world, chose a tune that spoked to me and arranged it for a Duo, always keeping in mind the authenticity of the artist. It was a beautiful process and the result is magical: Each song has a very distinctive sound, each artist is represented as they are. It is very honest.

Marialy Pacheco


Here I am sharing images from my work and life.

  • Potsdam, January 2017

    Potsdam, January 2017

    Spent two days in beautiful Potsdam where I played a concert with the Babelsberg Film Orchester. Also visited the magnificent Sanssouci, palace of Frederik the Great. It was freezing on that day, but nevertheless stunning!

  • Westart Live Show

    Westart Live Show

    Lots of fun at WDR on the Westart Live Show. A big pleasure to have been part of the show and shared the evening with inspiring and important personalities of german culture.

  • Recording DUETS

    Recording DUETS

    Recording this album has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had. Such a blessing to have some of my favourite musicians with me in the studio. Can’t wait for the album to come out!

  • Cuba, December 2016

    Cuba, December 2016

    Spent three wonderful weeks in Cuba with my family, at the beach and travelling. Special this time was, an exclusive concert with my brother at the residence of German ambassador in Cuba. Great fun! :-)

  • Beethovenfest Bonn

    Beethovenfest Bonn

    Great time playing with the WDR Funkhaus Orchestra, the Trio and Joo Kraus at the Beethoven Fest in Bonn. Had the pleasure of meeting the Mayor of Bonn and got to see myself on a monster poster that is now hanging at the Beethoven Hall :-)

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