AUDIO, Juni 2014, Ralf Dombrowski

„(...) With Introducing the Cuban pianist Marialy Pacheco presents herself as a highly matured instrumentalist, whose interpretations and compositions reach deep into the tradition of rhythmical analysis and reconstruction of Latin jazz idioms (...)


DIE ZEIT – October 2014, Ulrich Stock

Intelligent Music for the Masses -

(..) What a cover. You will be surprised when listening to it. The Cuban pianist moves virtuosic between all continents and styles. The relocation of Béla Bartok to Cuba, together with her accompanists, is similarly grand as the deconstruction of the popular hit El Manisero (...)

JAZZTHING, Juni-August 2014, Rolf Thomas

Mostly male jazz fans will favor the album-cover of the young Cuban pianist Marialy Pacheco (...) but while talking with her it immediately becomes clear that it has nothing to do with exhibitionism and sexiness – it’s sheer vitality! (...) her music has nothing to do with superficial Latin cheerfulness but is

full of dark and profound shades!


M A R I A L Y   P A C H E C O

I    N    T    R    O   D    U   C    I    N    G


ACCESS! Musik-Magazin, August 2014

(...) with Introducing she just delivered one oft he most exciting jazz-recordings of the year. We feel honored.

PIANO NEWS, Juli/August 2014, Tom  Fuchs

(...) with perceptible lightness Pacheco confronts seemingly crusted rhythm patterns with the possibilities of modern jazz piano and frees well-known titles from their ethnic corset. Pacheco doesn’t give a damn about conventions and genre limits; she includes both juvenile abandon and expert knowledge in playing the piano. (...)